Friday, August 22, 2008

Thing 7 Communication

HMMM, I definitely use email to communicate with my co-workers. It has made communication easier and quicker. I have Group Chatted with classmates I was doing a project with. It was a nice way for us to work together from at a distance. However, in my daily work life I am not sure if I will instant message. However, I set up a Google Talk account and invited two co-workers to join. I am excited to try it :) I can definitely see using web conferences to learn at a distance. I completed most of my coursework at St. Cloud State through distance technologies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thing 6 Image Generator - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more These image generators are great!! Very easy to use and allow you to do many cool things. In my last post I created a trading card, so for this post I decided to create a different image by using Image Chef. Image Chef is also getting bookmarked on my computer. Thanks for another great tool!

Thing 5 Flickr Mashups

My creation
Originally uploaded by moredthanu

Here is a trading card I made of my son using the mashups. I added Big Huge Labs to my favorites on my computer. I am definitely going to use the tools from this site to create posters, trading cards... for I Love to Read month and more. Very Cool and easy to use.

Thing 4 Flickr-CateDiCamilo 031

CateDiCamilo 031
Originally uploaded by moredthanu

O.k. This Flickr tool is great. I tried to post this picture on my blog in two ways. First I added the picture from the Blogger site- using the tool bar. I did not like how you had to click the box to see the picture of Kate and my daughter. I get the feeling that maybe I did it wrong that way. Then I tried the second way to get the picture on my blog. I added Flickr to my blog. Then all I had to do was click "Add to a Blog" above the picture at the Flickr site. Very easy!! I am going to go to Flickr to find images for presentations I use in the media center. I have been using Google Images, but I think I will find better pictures at Flickr!

Thing 4-Flickr

Here is a picture I uploaded to Flickr of my daughter and Kate DiCamillo. Kate was at the Red Balloon Bookstore in St. Paul. Kate was a wonderful speaker! I wish I could get her to come to my school for a visit. I edited my photo with software provided by Flickr. I took out the red eye very easily! I think Flickr is great. I am going to use the shared photos in presentations I do in the media center. Wonderful resource.

Thing 4 RSS Feeds

I created my account and added some feeds. I can see why people would like these "news flashes" especially if they were interested in some else's blogs. It would be nice to know when people add new comments to their blogs. I'm not sure I will check my feeds very often however... We'll see.

By the way, I had a heck of a time accessing my blog in order to add a new post!! I think it is because my school changed our email addresses. I had to use my home computer to edit this blog. Hopefully I will be able to continue!!!